Tune in 5:30 PM – Saturday, April 23rd to hear me, your host, examining the new world of Social Media and Law Enforcement with Lauri Stevens, founder of LAwS Communications.

The time is 5:30 to 6:00 PM    Listen Live HERE
The career of Lauri Stevens spans decades in the United States and around the world.
She is an interactive media professional with over 25 years of media experience.

Meet my very special guest Lauri Stevens
LAwS Academy™ – Social Media Training for Law Enforcement
–    websitetwitter – facebooklinkedIN
–    Watch YouTube video (3 min ) –
–  providing communications consultation to law enforcement since 2005
–  strength is communication strategy for law enforcement
–  training and certification

SMILE Conference – website – twitter
–  13th conference – April 25-28 2016      #SMILEcon  #LESM
–  Arlington, Virginia  –  hosted by the Alexandria, VA Police

ConnectedCOPS blog and the notably prominent ConnectedCOPS Awards
–     websitetwitter

2014 on how LE uses SM for investigation by LexisNexis – White paper

Find out more about my Special Guest on my 7th broadcast episode,
Lauri Stevens, founder of LAwS Communications.
by clicking this link Lauri Stevens.

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